the dyke


There’s little point pretending that this year hasn’t been as tough for Veterans Brewing as it has for thousands of other companies around the UK.

In February, I was gearing up to make a big promotional push of our beer. Marketing material was ready to be sent to every pub in Brighton and the wider area. Our van had been rebranded with our new logo. It was an exciting time.

I thought COVID-19 was going to disappear and have no affect us. Who could have known that the world was about to shut down?

The build-up to the pub closures on March 20, was a very worrying time. When the government announced their decision, it sent shivers down my spine. I’d invested in a lot of stock that people, quite understandably, no longer wanted to buy. What was I going to do with it all?

But, after a week of thinking, I decided to sell it directly to the public as a takeaway from my Pub The Dyke Alehouse and Kitchen in Brighton. Within three weeks, it had all gone.

It’s still a very uncertain time for breweries, especially ones that are relatively new on the scene. But because of our initial success, we’re going to keep selling direct to the public. Veterans Brewing products will soon be available online and delivered directly to your door.

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