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We can be contacted Monday to Friday between 0900 and 1700.

We do not have an onsite shop but you can order online and pick up from a central location in Brighton.

We are closed at weekends.

Please contact us using the online form or directly using the details provided.

Thank you for choosing to support Veterans Brewing.


07487 791444


Slide It’s been great getting to know Will and the team at Veterans Brewing since I got elected in 2017. Not only is the work he does with veterans admirable the beer is delicious. I’m excited to see Veterans Brewing continue to expand and grow to new heights. Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP Slide Will and the guys at Veterans Brewing were great and helped us get decent sales of their beers through our venues. Golden Lion Group Slide Will from Veterans Brewing contacted my offering to provide free beer for a fish and chip day a local restaurant was putting on for Veterans. The beer was great and I look forward to working with them in the future for more charitable events. Lee Wares - Councillor Brighton & Hove City Council